Women Bioiodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

As American women live longer with average life spans never before seen, do you see yourself living the quality life you desire? Some of the common phrases you might be saying are “I must be menopausal”, “Senior moment,” or “Ever since I hit 40 or 50 years old I can’t seem to get the weight off.”

There’s no need to suffer or “wait for menopause to end.” The best time to consider hormone replacement is when you and your blood work confirm your levels are declining this could be as early as your 40’s. YES! You are a candidate for Hormone replacement BEFORE you ever hit menopause. It is ideal to balance your hormones early when you first show symptoms so that you recover and maintain your vitality, energy, and protect your health.

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Estrogen Bioidentical Replacement: BHRT for estrogen will offer you a safe and effective treatment using a plant based estrogen that mimics your own body’s natural hormone. The reason why it is the safer alternative to prescription drugs is the hormone itself AND the delivery method. The hormone does not have any synthetic attachments and additives. A pellet delivery method allows direct uptake into your circulation similar to the way the body would release the hormone. There’s no need for daily applications, shots, or pills.

Testosterone Bioidentical Replacement Therapy: It is a myth to think that this is just a Man’s hormone. Testosterone is a dominant hormone in women just as it is in men. Even if a woman takes estrogen there are unique benefits to testosterone balancing as it is the main factor in addressing symptoms of night sweats, low libido or sex drive, extreme fatigue, and tension/stress.

Progesterone Bioidentical Replacement: For women who have a uterus it is essential to also use bioidentical progesterone. By increasing progesterone deficiency, you will see the benefits of better sleep, anxiety and prevention of uterine cancer.

When considering Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, we counsel you to consider BOTH quality of life needs AND healthy aging promotion.

1. Quality of Life:

  • Relieve Sleep Disturbances
  • Improve Irritability and Anxiety for a healthier mood
  • Increase Energy level
  • Maximize Weight loss efforts
  • Improve dry skin, Vaginal dryness and Painful Intercourse
  • Decrease Headaches
  • Improve Joint Stiffness and Tension
  • Increase Collagen for a more youthful appearance

2. Organ Protection and Healthy Aging:

  • Bones – Prevents Osteoporosis and helps rebuild bone density, Testosterone improves bone density by 8% per year!
  • Heart – Improves Lipid profiles, promotes vasodilation or increased circulation to the heart and to the coronary arteries. That means lower risk of heart attacks.
  • Brain – Promotes increased red blood cell production, oxygen carrying capacity and circulation to the brain. Potential positive implications for dementia.
  • Breast- Bio-identical Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone can offer protection from breast cancer compared to synthetic prescription drugs like Premarin which is derived from a pregnant horse’s urine. Studies have shown that the use of synthetic progesterone and estrogen incurred higher rates of cancer in women compared to those who took estrogen alone. However, a study in the 2007 publication of Breast Cancer Research showed when plant based progesterone is added to estrogen, there are actually lower rates of breast cancer then in those who never took hormones.

In addition, disease conditions that would benefit from Estrogen and Testosterone hormone treatment include:

  • High Cholesterol
  • Depression/ Anxiety Disorder
  • Pre-Diabetes/ Diabetes

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