Functional Lifestyle Medicine Programs

A healthy lifestyle is medicine. We preach this message everyday. At the Loomis Center for Healthy Living we offer a Registered Dietician and Holistic Life Coach to ensure patients are successful in their journey. We help patients with a functional medicine approach to overcoming health barriers whether that be to remove environmental toxins stored in the body, restore an unhealthy digestive tract, or to restore nutrients unmet by the Standard American Diet (SAD). Dr. Loomis overseas medically supervised programs for ongoing health needs:

Weight Loss

A tailored program to ensure all your health needs are met including nutrition, cellular and gut health, mental and physical stress, food allergies, and sleep needs.

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Metabolic Detoxification

A 14 or 28 day protocol where nutritional supplements and a solid food plan is employed to boost health back in your body on a cellular level. Not a weight loss diet BUT no weight loss plan is successful without doing a detox first.

Why is metabolic detoxification important? Metabolic detoxification is key in improving our health from lifestyle and environmental factors.

When it comes to diseases like cancer, the thought is that only 1 in 10 diseases are caused by genes alone. 90% of disease is a result of the close interaction between the environment and an individual’s genetic biochemical makeup. Environmental factors can include smoking, alcohol but also the air we breathe, the food and water we take in, and the containers and products we use. According to the CDC, the total number of chemicals an average American excretes in the urine on a given day is 69! These chemicals include herbicides, pesticides, BPA, and heavy metals.

Chronic conditions such as obesity and diabetes are good examples of diseases closely related to lifestyle and the environment. Dietary habits, sedentary behavior, stress, and environmental exposures all place a “toxic burden” on an individual’s cellular system resulting in disease.

The good news is that positive lifestyle habits can make a difference in doing the exact opposite- preventing disease, promoting health and renewing vitality. We encourage medical nutrition therapy as another means to help the body’s major metabolic detoxification pathways. We provide the recommended food plan and supplements to meet your body’s health potential and the coaching and guidance to be successful.

GUT Restoration

Seventy million Americans digestive complaints every day including bloating, heartburn, indigestion, and gas. This program addresses the all-important gut or “second brain” of the body that not only houses your immune system but also has consequences for your mood, metabolism and weight loss potential. We will teach you to discover food intolerances and develop a solid food plan for healing and restoring your digestive tract.

70% of our immune system is regulated by the bacteria in our colon and these bacteria affect your nutrition, your metabolism, your hormones, and even the ability to produce the feel good anti-depressant peptide, serotonin. You’ve often heard “you are what you eat.” When it comes to a healthy gut it literally means, “your bacteria is what you feed it.”

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