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Our mission is to help you discover a healthy fit body and mind; to live without chronic diseases; to preserve joints with freedom to move; and to promote a sense of well-being that is emotionally and spiritually fulfilling

Hormone and Nutrition Expert

At the Loomis Center for Healthy Living our mission is to provide caring solutions to enhance your life. We do this from a functional medicine approach that takes into account each individual’s unique health history, exposures, genetics, and biochemical and hormonal levels. We offer the best of both medical and naturopathic practices. You deserve the whole picture: medical and science based recommendations as well as holistic medicine and complimentary therapies.

Dr. Loomis created the Center to offer individuals natural and safe solutions to commonly experienced symptoms many have attributed to “just getting older” or menopause such as fatigue, weight gain, changes in mood and mental clarity. Too many times she encounters patients who suffer unnecessarily when they are really experiencing hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies. Often patients are told “all the test results came back normal” and you “just need to lose weight.”

If this sounds familiar, osteopath Dr. Loomis offers you a more complete approach to your needs whether it be weight loss or weight gain, control of menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, or preventing and addressing disease. She does this by offering bioidentical hormone replacement and medical nutrition therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. As part of your healthy living program, every client receives advanced hormone testing and a complete micro-nutrient analysis. When it comes to personalizing your treatment there’s no guess work involved!

Dr. Loomis is unique in that she offers an integrative medicine approach that includes the “what” and the “how” to healthy living. Take advantage of our different holistic medicine lifestyle programs to ensure your success for weight loss, healthy gut and cardiovascular health and healthy aging. As a client you will have access to pharmaceutical grade supplements, bio-identical hormone therapy sourced from the most reliable manufacturer, and our registered dietician/nutritionist and holistic medicine life coach.

We want to meet you and are happy to offer a one time complimentary consultation. Schedule your consultation online or call us at (562) 296-5528. We welcome patients from Anaheim, Garden Grove, Long Beach, Los Alamitos, Huntington Beach and surrounding communities. Here is to healthy aging!

Holistic Healthy Living

Lifestyle IS medicine and you can take control of your health potential with specific foods, micro-nutrients, botanicals, hormone balancing, exercise and stress management. You may know what to do but it's the “how” that is often missing. Taking a team approach with YOU, Dr. Loomis, your personal physician, and a dietician who is also a holistic life coach to help you live the quality of life you desire.


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