What Our Clients Say

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Lifestyle Medicine

Changed my life and health for the better

“Dr. Kim has changed my life and health in so many ways for the better. Since starting to see her and Lori (nutritionist) I have lost 30 pounds and feel amazing. I eat all organic fruits and vegetables. I have changed my diet and lifestyle habits completely. My liver enzymes are completely normal now! I can’t believe it. My husband has also changed his lifestyle habits as well. I can’t tell you how grateful I am.”

The blend of medicine and nutrition…gives me exactly what I need

“My health has improved way beyond what I thought it would when I first started coming here. I love the blend of medicine and nutrition, the balance gives me exactly what I need. When I’m ill I get medical attention and to keep me from getting ill I get nutritional help. I’ve been an advocate for all around healthy eating for a while, but this is personalized for me and for my body. It’s not just all around health, it’s just for me. Even my husband is better! He’s doing a little of what I’m doing with eating healthy and also taking the probiotics. I’m truly grateful to the office and for this program.”

Hormone Replacement Therapy

I had exhausted all other treatments, tests, medications… After about one week I truly felt different… This has been a real-life changer for me

“For as long as I can remember I have always had problems with my hormones as well as heavy and painful periods in my teenage years. I had a hysterectomy when I was 37. After my hysterectomy I thought for sure this would for sure be a cure all and all of my pain to go away and I would feel emotionally balanced. Well, this was not the case. I am thankful I met Dr. Kim when I did. She has always listened to my concerns and really wants to help me feel better, get the energy level back and be pain free again. After going through a very difficult low point in my life (emotionally and physically), Dr. Kim had introduced me to this hormone therapy. I was instantly interested and thought this was too good to be true. I thought to myself how could one little pill have all the elements to help me to feel good again? I also thought to myself, how is it possible to not have to take daily medication when this is all I have ever done since I was 15 years old? I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain to give this a try. I had exhausted all other treatments, tests, medications etc. The procedure was quick and pain free. After about one week I truly felt different. Different in a great way! Different in a way I have not felt since I was a teenager. All of the problems I once had are no longer a problem. This has been a real-life changer for me and I am truly grateful for Dr. Kim and hormone therapy! I wish I would have done this sooner. “

Have increased energy and sex drive, stopped sweating, lower anti-depressant use…Now rely on exercise– that’s my new medicine

2 month after hormone replacement therapy result
“I highly recommend BioTE hormone replacement. I have increased energy and have stopped sweating. I was sweating 24-7. My sex drive has increased and I can’t thank Dr. Kim enough for bringing this to my attention. I keep telling everyone about hormone replacement and when they say insurance doesn’t cover it I don’t care. When you’re sweating like I did and when you feel the way I did its worth it. The testosterone has helped my moodiness, I’m not emotional, am able to lower my anti-depressant use and look forward to getting off of it. Now I rely on exercise to help myself and -that’s my new medicine. I’m better off now then I have been in a long time.”

NO more hot flashes, night sweats. Able to sleep, have higher energy level and sex drive.

2 month after hormone replacement therapy result
“I was having night sweats and hot flashes 3-5 times daily. My sleep pattern was horrible- waking 2-3 times a night. My energy level was low and my sex drive was non-existent. After having my pellet therapy I had immediate results- NO more hot flashes or night sweats, sleeping through the night and have high energy level and sex drive. IT is amazing.”

After a major medical mishap, I struggled to find my way back to health. It has been awesome to partner with Dr. Kim, she made me believe it was possible to be healthy again. My energy level is up, I’m sleeping better at night, and my pain level is down. My autoimmune is no longer detectable. When you live years discouraged, thinking this is as good as it get and suddenly finding someone to partner with, I decided I would get better and healthy.
– Ariana Brown

First of all, everyone is so nice. Dr. Kim and Lori are so knowledgeable I can’t describe why I’m so comfortable here. Lori is so realistic and they have turned my life around so much. I changed my eating habits drastically and it has helped me with my drinking, and now I don’t even miss it when I don’t have it. I like that all the supplements are here in office. I’ve been happy since I started coming here.
-Mary Mauro