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At the Loomis Center for Healthy Living we listen to your story, the needs you have, and aim to treat underlying causes not just symptoms. Our goal is simple – treat root causes of problems by correcting all hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, and health disturbers such as fatigue and stress.

In today’s restrictive and ever changing healthcare climate we understand it’s up to you to decide where and how to invest in your health. We do not believe insurance should limit you from accessing higher quality treatment options. We will work with you and your insurance plan where appropriate but will show you how to invest in yourself.

Why choose us? At the Loomis Center for Healthy Living clients have access to both traditional medical and natural therapies. We offer clients science based therapies whether it be bioidentical hormone replacement, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements, or medical and osteopathic treatment from a supportive, caring team.

Your doctor is an Osteopath or D.O. trained to think holistically about the body and treat holistically by utilizing Osteopathic Manipulation when appropriate. The goal of this form of hands-on treatment is to remove any physical barriers to mobility, good circulation, and healing.

A Functional Medicine approach tests and treats clients’ underlying causes for their problems. This oftentimes illuminates the gastrointestinal tract as a key factor to improving the immune system as well as using the power of food and lifestyle as forms of medicine.

What this means for you is long standing health and vitality rather than just a fad diet or temporary solution, potentially less medication use, a sense of empowerment by knowing what is going on with your body and knowing you can help yourself.

We offer a truly integrative medicine experience to ensure your success. On staff include a registered dietician/nutritionist and holistic medicine life coach ready to educate, support, and guide you in fulfilling our mutual goals. Our educators are handpicked by Dr. Loomis for their training in functional medicine.

We welcome patients from Anaheim, Garden Grove, Long Beach, Los Alamitos, Huntington Beach and neighboring locations.

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