Proper Hormone Replacement and Balancing

The decision to balance or replace falling levels of hormones in both women and men can be a confusing and often hot topic of discussion. If you know someone who is on HRT and has been successful, you know it can be life changing. For others they can be fraught with fear and concerns that hormones will put their health at risk. You will make a more informed decision based on knowing the facts and not the fears or misconceptions. Consider 2 main questions 1. What is the quality of the hormone used and 2. What is the delivery method.

The NY Times’ article on rethinking hormone use to ease menopause symptoms, is a nice summary describing the benefits and safety of HRT in especially younger women who go through menopause and when using non-oral forms.

Hormone replacement specialist, Dr. Jennifer Kim Loomis adds, “The article clearly lays out the quality of life and health benefits of testosterone in a woman. Women may only have 1/8th the amount of hormone as a man but this hormone plays a dominant role in women just like in men. Independent of estrogen’s benefits, testosterone can offer women drive, not just sex drive but a renewed zest for life, calming and anxiety relieving benefits, and maintenance of their bones, breast, and brain health.”

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